E-Government in Belarus - 2017


  • National Centre for e-Services


A modern knowledge society is expecting its government to provide a simple, easy-to-use, quick and effective communication systems with its citizens and businesses. An electronic government nationwide system in public administration may provide automated management processes and may ensure such communication modalities. In 2003, Belarus proceeded with forming an electronic government system nationwide, followed by a series of state information systems development and infrastructure-related solutions throughout to 2012. This ensured online communication of all stakeholders – state personnel, business and citizens. The state information systems continue to be transformed in order to eventually operate in a common and interdependent infrastructure. To date, Belarus has established its e-government platform, whose level of maturity allows for automation of management processes, including a comfortable, simple and quick communication with business and citizens. This development has substantially improved governance. The focus is now on scaling-up the provision of public e-services to citizens and business aiming to reduce further red tape in public service delivery.