Improving Efficiency of Public Administration through Strategic Benchmarking


  • Asylbek Bolotbaev Advisor to the Director of the State Human Resources Services of the Kyrgyz Republic.


The paper reviews the importance of the Regional Hub as a platform for discussing current issues of civil service development and for benchmarking. It also addresses the issues of the civil service system’s development in Kyrgyzstan and promotion of the principles of meritocracy. In addition, it describes a range of measures that have been implemented in the country’s civil service. For the purpose of providing an international benchmarking, it is proposed to clusterize the best performing countries in terms of the corruption levels and GDP per capita. The author identifies four most notable clusters of countries based on their specifics. Based
on the benchmarking results, specific measures derived from the practices of each cluster are offered to be implemented in the Kyrgyz Republic in order to improve public administration and civil service, to develop anti-corruption policies and to promote further economic growth, as well as to target institutional reforms for achieving breakthrough development.