Civil service training policy in China and Algeria: What Benefits Algeria can derive from the Chinese experience?


  • Tayeb Toufik Dahar Ministry of Interior, Algeria
  • Yu Zhangquan China National Academy of Governance


Despite the distance between them, China and Algeria are very close strategically, politically, and economically, as they developed relations that extended to important periods and milestones in the history of the two countries. This comparative study seeks to explore the issue of civil service training as a new area for convergence, exchange of lessons and intensification of cooperation between the two countries. Although the two countries are currently linked with a comprehensive strategic partnership and bilateral cooperation within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, the economic and political aspects have always received the greatest focus in cooperation activities. This is in contrast with issues related to civil service and the training of leaders and civil servants, which only received interest in the most recent few years. The authors draw upon broad experience, as both are academics and practitioners in the field of civil service training as well as in capacity building cooperation activities between the two counties.

Keywords: civil service training, research, and consultation, cooperation between Algeria and China

Author Biographies

Tayeb Toufik Dahar, Ministry of Interior, Algeria

Deputy Director, Ministry of Interior, Algeria; PhD candidate, Algiers University, Doctoral School on State and Public Policy

Yu Zhangquan, China National Academy of Governance

Deputy Division Director, Department of International Cooperation, MPA candidate