Gender Equality in the High Positions of the Azerbaijani Government


  • Inji Hasanova Nazarbayev University
  • Safura Aliyeva Nazarbayev University


Women empowerment is part of the Sustainable Development Goals Azerbaijan is working towards their achievement. However, challenges exist that hinder the attainment of gender equality in high-level positions in government. Such challenges are the stereotypes related to the role of women in the community and women’s uncertain self-confidence and interest. This article analyses the existing level of gender inequality in high-level positions in the administrative system of Azerbaijan utilizing qualitative and quantitative data. It concludes suggesting alternative policies to tackle the gender inequality problem, e.g., introduce a quota system, raise public awareness about the significance of women in society, etc, which are evaluated across such criteria as effectiveness, legality, political acceptability, and administrative feasibility.

Keywords: Women empowerment, senior administrative positions, gender equality, quota system, Azerbaijan.

Author Biographies

Inji Hasanova, Nazarbayev University

Graduate School of Public Policy/ Student

Safura Aliyeva, Nazarbayev University

Graduate School of Public Policy/ Student