Comparative analysis of public administration reforms in former socialist countries of Central and Eastern Europe

Juraj Nemec


Public administration reforms in Western Europe after 1980 were based on relatively common problems (Pollit and Bouckaert, 2004), two of which were evaluated by most authors as crucial. The first problem was macro-economic: too big a proportion of government in GDP, significant deficits, and a perceived lack of public sector performance contributing to GDP. The global crisis, which became visible in 2009 in the form of the financial crisis in the USA, created new challenges. States need to react effectively to existing global and local problems with short-term anti-crisis measures and especially with long-term strategies, including a further revitalization of their public administration systems. The second problem was a drop in trust and legitimacy in public institutions, including politicians; both issues are still a challenge for all CEE governments.

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ISSN: 2409-5532