The System of Recruitment of Civil Servants in the Republic of North Macedonia: Between Procedures and Results


  • Jahi Jahija University of Tetovo



This article scrutinises the procedures in the system of recruitment of Civil Servants in the Republic of North Macedonia and the results achieved due to these procedures. The employment of civil servants in the Republic of North Macedonia is conducted on the basis of the Law on Administrative Servants, in which the conditions and criteria that must be fulfilled by the candidates are set. According to this Law, candidates in the application phase must submit a number of documents which are verified by the Selection Committee in the first phase of recruitment. Through the analysis and data collected by the Agency for Administration, on the number of candidates who applied and those who were eliminated in the first administrative phase by the Selection Committee for the period from 01.08.2017 to 01.08.2020, it will be observed how many candidates were eliminated in the first stage of the selection process, what the reasons were for their elimination, as well as the level of influence of this process on the competition among candidates for jobs in the Civil Service of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Keywords: Administrative reforms, Public Management, Effective Government, Result oriented, administrative simplification.

Author Biography

Jahi Jahija, University of Tetovo

Professor of Public Administration