Human Capacity Building for Sustainable Development and Security


  • Urkhan Alakbarov Professor, Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan


In the early 21st century, national governments in some countries are facing increasing pressure to keep up with the global economic and social trends related to ongoing globalization. The current stage of development of humankind is characterized by increasingly globalized economic, environmental and, often, social challenges. Some nations’ lack of swift response to this highly volatile environment has translated into political tension; several cases have translated into open civil conflict. The only effective governance response to 21st century pressures has been the adoption of new approaches to national development planning and management. Sustainable development is a key tool in preventing and alleviating ‘development without a future’ and ‘development without equality’. These approaches need to continue being based on the assumption of full responsibility by welleducated and trained civil servants, ensuring that they deliver the ensuring that they deliver the best quality and volume of social goods and services at a national and local level.