Implementation of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) as a Quality Management Instrument in the public sector of the FYR of Macedonia


  • Jahi Jahija
  • Marija Nikoloska Arsovska


This paper is a result of the conducted analysis and study on the process of implementation and the future activities for wider usage of CAF model in public institutions in the FYR of Macedonia. The country has established strong legal and institutional framework for implementation of CAF model. Significant number of institutions in the country have introduced CAF, and national pool of CAF facilitators/trainers and practitioners has been established for further expansion of the model. CAF is perceived as very useful instrument for improving public services in the FYR of Macedonia. In order for more public institutions to introduce the CAF model, a national roadmap for promotion and wider usage of CAF needs to be adopted, more promotional events should be organized and the Ministry of Information Society and Administration should work on building the capacity and the knowledge of the top management in the public sector for the benefits of CAF.