Database Design For E-Governance Applications: A Framework For The Management Information Systems Of The Vietnam Commitee For Ethnic Minority Affairs (CEMA)


  • Nguyen Viet Hung
  • Phan van Hung
  • Be Trung Anh


The database system, providing basic information and on-line services, supports the “good governance” concept developed in the last century for sustainable development, challenges and opportunities in the context of integration and globalization. In this paper, the framework for the design of e-Local Governance (e-LG) is discussed that integrates an Information System (IS), a Geographical Information System (GIS), and ATLAS, focusing on ethnic minorities in Vietnam. The design framework is based on various classification categories, i.e. ethnic group, sex, age, education background, and income. The database system is built to enhance the Committee for Ethnic Minorities Affairs (CEMA) capabilities, in the planning and decision making process by providing data, internet-based GIS, internet communication, and some ecological economic models to disseminate analysis results to the ethnic minorities concerned. The unique feature of CEMADATA using GIS is that it helps users not only to improve provision of information and public services, and to encourage ethnic minorities to participate in decision making processes, but also to support the competency-based training for the IT personnel.