No. 1 (2014): 3rd Issue

The third issue of the Journal of the Regional Hub of Civil Service in Astana contains commentaries and papers presented during the Global conference on civil service within the 7th Astana Economic Forum. It begins with an article by Chet Newland who discusses how the Government of Kazakhstan managed to lead the nation from a transition economy to a rapidly growing market economy by means of a thought through policy of interdependence of countries, constitutional governance and non-ideological growth strategies. Joachim Vollmuth provides a comparative analysis of instruments of civil servants’ performance appraisal in European countries and points to the different approaches practiced in position-based and career-based civil service systems. Manvel Badalyan draws the reader’s attention to the history of formation and institutionalization of civil service in Armenia with an emphasis on the importance of recruiting and attestation. Bolatbek Abdrassilov, in his article, discusses innovative methods of professional development of civil servants in Kazakhstan where competence-based approaches are being widely practiced. Whereas Afag Hussein presents different methods and approaches to civil servants’ performance appraisal. Dinara Minnigulova, in her article, investigates the problem of the legal status of a civil servant in Russia. Yang Shiqiu discusses the features of civil service of China with an emphasis on reform efforts. Rauf Aliyev describes the modern civil service development in Azerbaijan with a particular attention to issues of admission and filling of positions in civil service, performance appraisal and others. A. Morozevich et al stress the key elements of the civil servants’ education model in Belarus and characterize the leading role of the Academy of Administration in professional and personal development of civil servants.

We hope this third issue of the Jorunal will be of interest to you and that it will spark policy debates on the issues addressed by the above mentioned scholars and practitioners.

Published: 2016-06-01